Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The kids tried out sledding. They'd never been before despite the fact we've had winter ever year since they were born. Let's say Grandpa and Grandma lived by less soft ways and believe ever season has it's joys that need experiencing.
This year we made sure the kids were well equipped to handle the weather and bought little disc sleds. The same kind our kids called saucers when they were little and since we've lived in this house 29 years, the grand kids sledded down the same front yard as their mother, aunt, and uncle, along with a myriad of neighborhood children with them and quite a number of kids since them.
At first Kirk had to start them out slow allowing them to glide just the bottom few feet and then move up the slope. It wasn't long and they were trying out different ways to go down, frontwards, backwards and on their knees. And the call to bundle up and go out was heard several times a day.My favorite moment this past week was when the middle child stood up in the middle of the front yard and yelled, "This is the BESTEST day EVER!!!".
Snowmen are next on our list but the white stuff we have now is powdery dry and so we'll have to wait for another more appropriate storm. She wanted you to see her marshmallow creme mustache she'd made from the dollop that sat upon her hot chocolate.

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