Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Butter

The kids helped make butter.
That was after I had churned it until it was almost done

My part was done outside in the snow. For me goat butter has to be pretty cold to change from cream to butter. A...nd I figured our snow was good for something and since I didn't have any ice cubes and it was fairly nice day...
Isn't goat milk an awesome thing? Just the right amount for a family and so many dairy products you can make from it. I feel I'm just getting started learning. Though part of that learning is figuring out how to coordinate making everything while keeping life churning along.
The whole milk yogurt is done but I haven't opened the lid. Too busy but tomorrow I'll add some fruit and such and next week I'll give you my report. Have a wonderful weekend. I've a tree to put up. The grandkids can hardly wait.

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