Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

As our new son-in-law says, "Wow, you go all out." It's not that we spend lots of money, it's that I remember holidays being just a bit boring. Good food and a brief bit of activity.
No more, I now have more activities planned than the kids have umph to do. When they become tired and a bit cranky, we stop, cuddling during a movie or just let them go off and quietly play.
But first we had to color Easter eggs.
And Granpa showed the kids how to color on eggs with crayons. The crayon markings not dieing when the egg goes into the colored water. 

One Easter, many years ago, Kirk drew with crayons on the eggs before coloring them. Each egg a portrait of a member of his family. They were place settings for Easter dinner with each person having to figure out which egg represented them to find their place setting. It was fun.  

Egg decorating was Saturday.

Then Sunday, we had a wonderful feast after church.

The photos of our unusual egg hunt are on the next blog.

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