Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Keep Smiling

 It doesn't matter how many cazillion things you have to do or how tired you are...
you've got to just keep smiling and moving on. I keep telling myself that as I stare at the long lists of things needing done with a body that isn't so cooperative.
Our little glow worm was born last week throwing life into a whirlwind. Our sweet tiny grand daughter, weighing just a little over four pounds has arrived early, five weeks early. She is making steady progress and we look forward to the day she is out of NICU unit.

For now we pray and travel when we can, the 80 miles to the hospital to peek through the window at our sweet babe. Till then we watch her sisters and yearn for the day when we can hold our newest arrival in our arms and kiss her little cheek.

Meanwhile, the yaks have spotted the green grass just peeking up through the ground and are ripping up fence almost every day. I have to keep an eye to fix it before they get out. Not so easy with the pens 3/4 th's a mile away. I've noticed their grazing hours are early morning and evening.

I've a new area for them since a friend gave us his large shed next door to our pens and I'm working on building fence around it. It is going to be real handy when the heat comes and they need somewhere to escape from the sun's rays.

I hope Kirk doesn't mind the wave. I'm not much of a fence builder and my posts aren't always in a real straight line. Maybe I just need more practice. On the ranch my dad managed, my fencing job was to bring lemonade and cookies to the crew. Now that I can do. LOL

 But time is pressing and we are way behind on work chores so sometimes we have to settle for done -- not well done. And with sooo much that has been put on the back burner and spring upon us, each person fills in where he or she can. There isn't the luxury of his and her chores. Just chores that need done. 

One thing we've definitely learned this week is metal t-posts every eight feet doesn't work to keep yaks in. I'm trying one every four feet to hold up cow panels. Unfortunately t- posts aren't cheap. Then again, raising livestock isn't cheap either or just about throwing some hay and watering every day. That's the easy part. There is also the fence fixing or building, the repairing or building of sheds, the worming, the doctoring, the birthing, feet trimming, the grooming, the hay hauling and stacking, the trips to the feed store, record keeping, training, and, and, and. Nope that's the easy part, the feeding and watering.

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