Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wheat Grinder

Help!! My wheat grinder bit the dust. It is 31 years old and the plastic became brittle letting wheat flour in to the motor area. I taped the cracks and it ran for several more years but I knew it was only a matter of time before it would cease up. 

Yesterday morning I was going to grind some Painted Mountain corn for corn bread. The plan was to soak it in buttermilk all day to lower the phytic acid and release more nutrients, then that night make the cornbread. Those plans were sure nipped in the bud. 

I took the thing all apart and vacummed it out. For two seconds it ran again and it quit once more and has refused to work despite my pleas. I was really looking forward to the new experiment.

Wish they didn't make eccentials like this out of plastic. Metal would of been better especially since the grinding section was guaranteed for life. Like that does any good if the plastic gives out.  I'm sure the motor would of run for a good while longer too. Too bad the manufactures don't care about durability. Of course my idea of durability is never having to replace the thing.

I'd settle for a grinder like my grandmother's refrigerator. That thing had a tiny ice box and wasn't very big but after 50 years it still kept food cold.

The grinder was one of the very first purchases we made when we first got married. I hate to say goodbye but a new one that didn't make so.... much noise would be nice. Any advice on what kind of wheat grinder to buy? I'm not up on the latest and the greatest. 

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