Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Matching Bobbins and Thread

 Out of control, that's what life has felt like. With demands at a high, I've learned who my friends are. My thyroid and adrenals are not amongst them. Nope, they've left for greener pasture, flew the coop, taken a siesta. Whatever you want to call it but they aren't carrying their load. I'm left in the lurch and it's given me a sour attitude. 

So in defiance of my world right now, I did something that definitely doesn't have to be done right this minute. Something that if it never gets done won't be the end of the world. Something that makes me feel better just having done it because not only will it make things a bit nicer, but it is a spit in the eye of life just because I stopped to do it when I really didn't have time to. Yep, world take that, I'm still in charge of my little corner so back off.

I had a girlfriend that when she lived here, would ask when things were in hyper drive, "What cupboard or part of a cupboard did you organize this week?"

Yes, that is what I do, literally. I organize some tiny spot in my world, creating order well it feels like things are out of control. 

It makes me feel better. The kind of feel better that lasts because I can look back at that corner and know that something is under control and will stay that way for a while. Something was done that will make life run a bit smoother maybe not today but in the future.

Yesterday, it was my thread. I've lots of bobbins of varying colors and they were divided into plastic bags, the reds and pinks in one, blues and greens in another, etc. but with the tails hanging loose, they had begun to tangle.

And worse yet, in a third bag were all the bobbins of all colors threads interlocking.

So I took out my container of rubber bands and some clear tape. The tape I tore off a tiny piece and taped over the end of the loose thread, attaching it to the spool.  
The same was done to the bobbins. Then I went a bit further and matched the bobbins to the spools, wrapping the rubber band around each. The next time I sew, I know if I have a bobbin all ready wound to match the spool. It will save me time.

While I was doing this, I took a quick peak in my sewing drawers, it's time I do inventory of my supplies. I need a new stitch ripper, mine being a good thirty years old and a bit dull, a couple more measuring tapes, all but one has disappeared somewhere, a few more sewing needles, and I need some scissors sharpened. Next, I need to take stock of my fabric.

Why is this such a big deal? For one thing, sewing stores are far and few in between around here. The other is if you are trying to be a bit more prepared for trials, then sewing supplies is one area you should not neglect. Whether you need to make a quilt, sew a shirt or pants, or simply mend a rip or sew on a button, you are going to need some supplies.

 After WWII, Ezra Taft Benson went into Europe to assess the needs of the people and the shipping routes. He was preparing to send large shipments of aid from The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to war torn Europe. One of the things the women begged for were needles. If the women were lucky, someone had a sewing needle and it was more precious than a gold coin for there was nothing to buy. This single needle was handed around to a number of woman in their task of trying to keep the clothing mended for their families. Plus, essential in cutting down and making new outfits for smaller children. Buying new clothes was not an option. 

Sometimes when we were raising our kids, buying new wasn't an option either. Money was tight with much of our extra money going to pay medical bills and the sewing skills I obtained when we did have money to spare saved the day. A rainy day is the time to fix a roof. Neither is it the time to learn to sew. Then you can't afford to make mistakes.

 Those skills I'd learned starting in gradeschool and worked on solo when our kids were small created a shimmering blue prom dress that cost just a pittance with fabric on sale. A $13 dollar dress from the Halloween section of a second-hand store was taken completely apart then re-sewed into a peach Southern Belle costume with hoops underneath. I found some peach lace and made fingerless gloves to complete the outfit. It turned heads in the local highschool play and especially at state drama. No one knew it had been a tattered old prom dressed, discounted to the Halloween costume bin. 
Later this same child's perfect wedding dress wasn't so perfect at first. This less expensive gown had no sleeves, a too low bust line, could only be found in two sizes too big, and was way too long for our petite daughter. An extensive make over with the sewing machine turned it into a beautiful, modest flowing, fitted gown with a little added fabric and skill. Could I have made this gown from scratch - no. It had lots of beautiful silver beading around the skirt.

"A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.", especially if you don't have a way of catching any more birds. So if you haven't thought about sewing supplies - do. Even if all you can do is sew on a button and hem a pair of pants. You'll at least have buttons, thread, needles and can do that. It might be more than the next guy. 

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