Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gray Bee, what?

 Bees are on my mind. Bzzzz.... They are out in abundance doing their thing. One of which is stinging me. Yes, I've been stung twice this week. What is up with my honey bees? Not the whole colony mind you, but two individuals which lost their lives this week in the pursuit of my hair. Really ladies, it isn't all that attractive. It isn't all gussy up with hair spray, perfumed shampoo, or anything else interesting. It is definitely not worth losing ones life over. Yes, when honey bees sting, their stinger is ripped from their body and they die.

Not only am I wondering what's up with ole crabbos but does anyone know what bee this and the picture above are? Yes, they are the same bee.
It appears to be a kind of bumble bee because it's body is fuzzy and shaped somewhat similar to a common bumble bee like this one.
So if you hear me saying."Ouch! You little beggar.", you'll know another one bit the dust. Hopefully, the sugar water will do it's trick and the grouchiness will disappear.

I will be temporarily out of Internet service as I'm presently writing this at a motel but tomorrow  I will be leaving for my folk's home where they don't have a computer so hence, no service. The same is true for The Calico Bush blog. The last post being late Thursday. Well, at eleven oclock I pushed publish and apparently, it didn't do it's thing. But is is up this morning.

I will be back home Monday though, so say tuned. Meanwhile, please ruminate, (hm.... possibly that isn't the word - too cowee, let's try investigate), why my honeybees won't touch the plum tree blossoms, which are for the second time only, in bloom at the same time despite being the same variety. Many other types of bees like the bumble bee are loving them so why not honey bees. The Internet says honeybees like them. Hmmmm.... 

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