Monday, April 23, 2012

Headed to the Corrals

Got to love this warm weather. It signals time to walk to the corrals with the kiddos. Our goal is that dark line to the top left of the picture. It's where the town has a bit of land that its citizens can put up a corral and place a few animals. It's only 3/4 of a mile away.
 Before getting to our pen, we have to visit those on the way and check up on some of our favorite animals, not our own.  This doe had quads this year and has managed to feed them all. She is definitely a keeper.
 And the owner of this cute baby goose showed up to do chores just when we arrived and let out two goslings so the kids could pet them.
 Of course the grand kids had to say hello to Bella, Daisy, and Rosey, our doelings. The doelings love to have more kids to play with even though they may not look quite like them.
The barn cats, of which there are way too many since we had a mild winter, watched on.
 Next door to our pen, lambs hit their moms up for a quick snack. I mean that literally as they butt udders to signal the ewes to let down their milk.

Then it was a race for home. At the end of which, three little ones were ready to head for their own beds, tired after playing with the super soaker water guns, hoola hoops, play dishes and dolls and a late movie night at Pappa and Grandma's house.

Remember weekends at your Grandparents house? I do. I couldn't get enough of them especially when my cousin came to stay too.

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