Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hunt

The hunt was a hoot. Every year that we have the privilege of hosting it, we come up with something new.

This year, we had a large variation in age from early thirties to three years of age. No, we weren't going to have several hunts, just one. One wild and crazy event.

Each child selected a partner and was assigned an egg color --yellow, orange, green, or pink and purple. The partner's were to find the eggs in the correct color and then make one of the following sounds, crowing, mooing, oinking, or hee hawing, whichever one the child chose. This was a signal for the smaller half of the team to come and pick up the egg. 

With this method, our oldest grandchild, our step-grandson, who just got home from his moms, didn't have a bucket full, while the youngest  grandchild had only a few.

The youngest, not knowing her colors, did pick up a few along the way that weren't orange. Oh well... matter, no time to check because the next move was to hurry inside and put together a 60 piece puzzle in teams of four.

Of course sweet prego here had to have a little fuel, her favorite - peeps marshmallow candy. It's exhausting carrying the, soon to arrive, newest grandchild and race to stay ahead of her oldest daughter in the Easter egg hunt.

We weren't done yet as it was once more back outside to play games with Easter toys such as a badmitten set with rackets in the shape of bunny heads, and carrots for the stakes in a game of horse shoes.  There were four stations with toys.

Then the kids came back inside to open the eggs into one bucket for a share all, all except the few small toys inside their assigned colored plastic eggs.

Smiles, laughter, and barnyards sounds filled the air. And best of all, the kids learned it wasn't a competition, just plain clean fun, so we heard shouts of there's a yellow one over here or --there's an orange one over there. Those cheap Easter games that I've been collecting the past few years will last for numberous Easter times to come and who knows what twist and turns I'll think of to use them in.

And it wasn't just candy in the plastic eggs, some of which date back to when our kids were small, I snuck in a few inexpensive small toys like balls, erasors, bubble bottles etc. Just four dollars worth of four items for a dollar objects.

Nope, the cost of fun isn't in dollars, but imagination.

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