Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Much Is Enough?

I'm squinting and wishing for some pain killers so I'll need to make this short and sweet. I scraped the underside of my eye lid last night unloading our daughter's belongings from the horse trailer and pickup into storage. So far I've a red eye and a red nose. Yes, a red nose. My eye has watered so bad I've gone through an entire box of Kleenex so far today. This screen is awfully bright so I'm typing with my eyes closed. LOL I need to rest up a bit today but forced rest isn't what I had in mind.

But there is one thing on my mind

especially since I spent quite a bit of time yesterday finishing stacking wood. All but this little pile but the kids said no more. Okay, they didn't exactly say no more but the tears and whines amounted to the same thing. The wheel barrow rides with the kids taking turns riding back to the wood pile to fill up again
weren't compensating for the preoccupied Grandma. They wanted some attention. So here it sits eating at me because I can't hardly keep my eyes open and I've so little to stack. It's amazing how much wood you can haul with one arm holding a 1 year old half of the time.

So for 2400 square feet, 1200 up and 1200 down, how much does it take to heat a home that size for the winter? Keep in mind that about half the basement is blocked off and so receives only a little warmth. We use coal and wood to heat with but what if coal is no longer available to us. How much wood would we need. I know this pile isn't nearly enough but with coal it will last us 2 to 3 winters. We try to not have to haul wood but every other year with so many projects competing for our attention. Normally this would be done in the fall but circumstances dictated otherwise this year. But boy do we know it that life can be turned upside down so out of curiosity or prepred thinking I'd really like an answer.

So wood stove users out there what is your guesstimate for heating a 2400 square foot in Wyoming where the winters are pretty cold, below freezing most of the time where the wind suck the heat out of a home in a hurry? Ours is well insulated. I took a quick glance on the Internet yesterday before the eye thing and found only one spot in my rapid search that said 22 cords. Is this high or low. We probably only have 10 -12 cords. And if that ifs the case we'd freeze half of the winter.

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