Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids and kids Just Go Together

Somehow kids and kid goats just go together and our grand daughters have had a ball with Michelle's kid goats. Lyrical had quads and those seem to be our grand daughter's favorites over Natasha's twins.
Even the youngest grand daughter insists on being amongst them laughing and pushing them aside as they nibble and jump on her.
It won't be long and she will be singing a different tune as they gain weight and topple her over every time. For now it takes a gang effort of dog pile to bring her down. She's the one in the green at the bottom of the heap. Not crying just bellering her disgusted.
I rescue her if things get a bit rough but then after a couple hugs, she wants right back down to tumble and play once more. The middle grand daughter rarely calls for help except the time they stepped on her shoe and took it off. Boy, was she disgruntled with them. Then again she hadn't had her nap yet. She's the grand daughter that insists on picking out her clothes for the day. Though the styles are a definite fashion statement unique to her, she does an amazingly good job coordinating colors. Shoes and skirts are her favorite things.
The oldest grand daughter chose snow pants and boots for some reason and I couldn't argue as they did afford some padding against sharp little hooves.

She wasn't much in to cuddling but wanted to run with the kids chasing after her.
It was a delight for this poor tired Grandma's eyes to see such joy in the kid goats and peels of laughter in our grandchildren.
What fun to be able to play again and expand the children's journey into the land of pretend. We played doctor yesterday and when our middle grand daughter wanted to bring a baby doll our oldest insisted that she wasn't that kind of doctor. So the stuffed bears became the patients who underwent shots, band aids, their temperature taken and their blood pressure along with checking their heart beat and Grandma here informed them that they should also listen to see if the bowels were working too. Next time we'll include checking their noses to make sure they are soft and moist and looking over their coats to make sure they are soft, shiny, and healthy. So much can be learn in the land of make believe.
Nap time brought the delight of stories that spring from one's imagination. Not, I didn't tell the stories. The grand daughters did. First I asked who was going. The middle daughter said a kid, and the oldest said an animal. Then I asked what kind of animal and was the child a boy or a girl, where were they going, and what did they do. From there each tale had a new beginning some with who was involved and some with what main event would take place. Each of us took a turn moving the story along. Sometimes I asked questions inspiring detail or clarification. Such is the beginnings of English, self expression, and a world of delightful entertainment.
When Kirk and I use to travel down the highway with our children, even when they were in high school, we use to begin a tale. The animals along the road, the road signs, some of the vehicles we passed, and even the landscape was woven into the story with each member of the family participating by adding a part along the way. Story telling along with reading books, each taking a turn, not the driver of course, drew our family together as we journeyed together into the land of make believe. Books still remain one of my families favorite things for entertainment and a rich source of learning.
Most of what we do today began with our noses in a book. What's on your reading list today.

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