Monday, April 26, 2010

Stick Out Your Tongue

What is it with tongues? People stick them out naturally when they are concentrating hard. Admit it now, you stick your tongue out even though it might be hidden by lips it is still causing your kisser to pucker outward with the pressure. Little kids don't hide the tongue but adults do out of teasing mostly I'd guess. When I was playing with the youngest's chimes or whatever you call them trying to learn the doe, rae, me, line from the song in the movie Sound Of Music where all the kids are learning to sing on the mountain side. You know the one, "Doe a deer a female deer, Rae a golden drop of son.... Then my fiddling inspired our grand daughter to play with the toy. Something previously she hadn't been interested in. The tongue came out of course and really came out when she'd drop her stick that was attached to a string and had to reach down for it.

So come on all you scientists why do we stick out tongue out when the going gets tough. I went to the internet to look for the scientific answer and must of typed in the wrong words because all I got was opinions. We can do that so what's your theory? Why do you stick your tongue against the back of your teeth, against your lips, or down right out there for all to see when your concentrating? I could really use a good laugh so don't worry if your thoughts sound a bit silly to you. I'd love to hear them. Boy could I use a good laugh. It was a really tough day with the kids. Who knows you just might be the one to enlighten us all.

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