Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Inside Day

Are you sure it's spring? This is what we awoke to again this morning. It was suppose to be a high of 40 and a low of 23 tonight, Fahrenheit that is. So it isn't any surprise that I chose to cook and quilt today. How warm it actually became I don't know we didn't feel much warmth for the cold wind that blew. In honor of the weather I closed my eyes to the dirty state of the house, especially the bathroom mirror that the middle grand daughter no nicely smeared all over and did my own thing. With the youngest grand daughter perched on one hip of course.
The first order of business was the refrigerator which I partly cleaned and tossed into the crock pot. Somehow that doesn't sound appealing but really it was mostly the left overs from last nights tacos. They were remade into Taco soup with a few additions. Very fitting for a chilly day.
Then while I was making a mess in the kitchen, I decided to whip up a few lemon pound cakes for the freezer. Make ahead foods is sounding really appealing right now. I used up the big carton of strawberry yogurt and made it into ice cream.

Then I pulled out my new cookbook I looked at a couple days ago when I was cuddling the youngest grand daughter. I had several recipes I'd marked to try in the near future.

Today I decided to whip up the roll recipe. The bread is a bit different than what I'm use to. It was very light, almost sticky but their was too much butter in it to allow it to stick. You let it raise once, then make the dough in to rolls and let it raise again. I chose to put the dough into large muffin tins to make them raise more uniformly. Into the freezer they went after they had risen the second time. Then after their frozen you pop them into a Ziplock bag for storage. To bake you don't need to thaw just bake. One of the next things I'll make is the freezer lasagna. Not that I haven't done that before but theirs is a bit different than my own so I'll give it a try. The two should go together well. I've got marked a cheesecake and a cinnamon roll recipe to try also.

One of my favorite things is home-made fast food and boy can I use a freezer full of that right now.

When our daughter moves in to her apartment in a few weeks, I plan on giving the book a real workout so when I'm scheduled to babysit, which will be frequently, then I can fix meals that are more in my standards range, unlike the hurried affairs we've been getting.
After I cleaned up the kitchen and while half the household slept, our oldest grand daughter and I went downstairs to do laundry and sew. She was the official pin take er outer. Which there are lots of pins when your sewing strips together. I've one more strip to make and then I can begin putting putting the batting, backing etc. together. I'll make the quilt in three sections and then put those together. I plan on stitching in the ditch as a toddler quilt needs more than tying alone since they get lots of washing. I'll tie the nap quilts but the bed quilts have a tendency to be wet in the middle of the night if you know what I mean since this is the time of potty training. The quilt is pretty, much brighter than the picture but now I know why I don't usually sew with red. A bit too stimulating for me.

Oh well, when this is done I've sweatshirts for Kirk to finish up and the left overs will be made into scrap quilts. There is some burgundy but no red in the material.

I'll let you know how the rolls worked out when we bakes some.

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