Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Ones

Miniature Hyacinths
Not much else is blooming except the dandelions are starting and a few small prairie flowers.The bees are bringing home the pollen. See their legs with the clumps of pollen on them. This is for the brood. Hopefully they aren't just storing it for I hope the queen is starting to lay eggs building up the bees numbers. More bees, more workers to fetch nectar to make honey. I will check the hives this week to see whats happening inside. The weather needs to be warm or I will chill the bees and kill them as I will go through the hive looking for brood and egg laying, not just open it and peek inside.

Oh yeah, we're cute and mom loves us. The kitten seems to be saying as HE recieves a good washing.
He was the only one outside playing when I went to the corrals yesterday with my camera. How do I know it is a HE? I peeked.
No, he's not hissing but meowing at me. As for his father, I never saw him. His other four siblings, I don't know what sex they are since I haven't picked them up but three of them I can tell you who the dad is. Yes, a litter can have kittens from different fathers. Could be where they come up with the saying" Tom Foolery". I never saw the Siamese male but the yellow kitten is sure to be Sue's, a male tom who lives in the hay stack. (I know Sue. That is a story I'll have to share with you.). There is a grey kitten and it is sure to be Percy's, a grey tom that was a kitten last year. Then there are two black and white kittens. They are definintely from the all black male that comes around whenever the girls come into heat. He takes up residency in the hay shed with Sue and Percy. Only unlike them, he's just passing through. Yeah, one of those love-em and leave-em kind of guys. Let's see, that makes four one night stands only she didn't do them in four nights.
Since female cats of breeding age are called Queens does that make her queen of the hussies for my does this girl get around. With having had a few female house cats and lots and lots of female barn cats, I can see why they're called a queen but I'd really like to know the story behind the name.
As for the mother of the other set of kittens, Cinders, a must more classy dame, was smitten by the black visiting tom. She has the cutest three little all black puff balls. She's all black and the males all black but he's short haired and she has medium long hair. What a sweetheart she is. A good mouser too which raises her ranking pretty high in my book.
You might remember these little ones of the neighbors.
They are growing up fast.

Eight little goslings waddling after folks.
Our three grown children are here for the weekend to celebrate our youngest's birthday. He's turning 26. You can stay looking young but your children will definitely age you by their birthdays. I'm going to go and enjoy. If I don't post before Tuesday, know that our son is having surgery on Monday and I'm thus occupied sitting in a chair keeping watch.

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