Saturday, May 1, 2010

Three White Dresses

This is the first time I have had the three white dresses in our home. So I thought I would take the opportunity to photograph all of them. Unfortunately, I did not have a very good camera when I was making them and so the pictures of each of our grand daughters in their white dresses is not the best quality.
In our church we do not baptize babies but wait until children are eight years old. Instead at this time, babies are given a name in which they will be know through out the records of the church and receive a blessing pertinent to each individual child as inspiration is its guide. The white clothing is simply tradition and is not necessary but our daughter requested that I make dresses for each of her baby girls. That and a baby quilt of course.
These are the three white dresses.Our oldest grand daughter wore this lacy dress her red hair a glowing crown. I thought I had spent many hours sewing until child number two arrived.She arrived with lots of dark brown hair and the tips were blond. I guess she was confuse about her hair color at one point. This gave me the opportunity to use the double needle in my sewing machine kit that had sat for years unused. I decided to try a window pane effect.Not only did it take a while to design the dress but the hours and hours spent sewing on pearl beads made me question my sanity in my choice of design.Then child number three arrived. She had medium brown hair and played and played with her tongue. She can roll R's and do things with it I've never mastered. I swear she's going to be a linguist someday. Then I was sure she was going to be a boy too. Boy, did she fool me.
Out came the satiny fabric again and since I loved the window pane idea but not the work, I did it instead with ribbon. I only thought it would be easier. I think I'd do the double needle again if given a choice. I was smart though and cut down on the bead work doing the bodice this time and just a strip down the middle of the skirt.We've two more children to marry but the next blessing dress I need to make I want to try cut work done in lilies or holly. I guess I'm counting on our daughter to marry first but then who knows, only the Lord knows who will marry next. I've never done cut work before but have wanted to for the last 20 years. Haven't found anyone who does it who can advice me so I guess like usual I'll just dive in and sink or swim when the time comes.

My two daughters tastes are very different from each other and so the dresses I made for this daughter's children will be different than the ones I make for our other daughter. That is when she gets married and if she has a girl. So I'm curious, knowing how much people differ - or we'd all dress just a like, which one of the 3 dresses would you choose if the need arose?

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