Sunday, May 30, 2010

USB Ultra Sensitive Baloney

I've pouted, I've searched the Internet though I haven't a clue what they are talking about most of the time and I've prayed for a miracle, but alas it isn't to be, my USB port refuses to work. Don't know what that stands for all I know is I have to have it to move my pictures from my camera to the computer. I've even punched the number 3 on my cell phone's speed dial for help. No not the repair man but our oldest daughter Toni. This problem unfortunately is beyond her ability to assist through a phone call. First of all she would have to be able to decipher complicated computer language into something as simple as English or at least Piglatin. And for me, USB port is totally confusing especially now that I went into the inter workings of the computer and found there are a whole list of USB port thing a ma jigs.

This is killing me not being able to use photos that I'd planned to show you but in all things there is learning right? Just right now I don't want to learn it. Ugh!, I've some beautiful apple blossom pictures I wanted to share with you. I may have to start reading up on computers though because we have a natural disaster staying with us. She has the most alluring blue eyes and she is adorably short. In fact she's still wearing size 12 month clothes from last summer at 17 months old. She does this dance when she's excited that is contagiously joyful, just not when it is on the keyboard of our computer. Yes, one day I found her dancing happily on the keys while bent over clicking the mouse as fast as she could. I'm not sure which is worse, that or the time I found her clicking on and off the computer as fast as she could go. We lost the speakers that time. Will our software survive her is a big question.
To make matters worse, we've had lots and lots of rain for our area and the doors in the house have all shifted, OPEN. I can't even effectively lock her out of the room with the computer. I've just installed obstacle courses to slow her down and for me to trip over as I scramble to get to her. So whether the USB went on its own or if it had a little help I'm not sure but alas, I'm going to have to write not show you and so my blogs will change a bit in format and content until I can find a computer wiz to fix the problem. Our favorite handy man lives a 6 hour round trip away and I'm not willing to load up 3 small children to go, drop off the computer, and find something to do while he works. A pleasant enough day for me in the beautiful Black Hill of South Dakota but not a great foursome experience with three car seats.

Couple that with a rousing case of stomach flu that has rerouted food in the wrong direction leaving our clothes line repeatedly strung with bed linens. Tonight, I'm sure the action will heat up but for now AWE... blissful peace - they're all asleep. Oh no, I hear the sound of drums beating. No the Indians are not on the war path though I once was asked by a tourist if the Indians were friendly or if they went on the warpath often. lol I couldn't help but giggle. Yes, there is an Indian reservation up north of us, another south of us, and another one west of us but though we live in what was once called the Old West, the Indians only dress up for pow wows and tourists now. I don't think anyones been scalped since the 1800's. That doesn't keep the spirit of the warpath from occasionally entering our abode. Last night for instance the coveting of toys by cranky sick children broke out into acts of thievery which escalated into a brief heated skirmish. Or like now when our 17 month old white girl beats on the bedroom door like she was thumping on drums to tell us she's awake and wants out.
I finished stacking old railroad ties up on the north end of the garden and fence it to keep out the children, our son's dog when he comes to visit, and discourage the deer and antelope. An electric wire with a solar panel energy giving a mild jolt will run around the top.
Don't think I've sat and done nothing for my skills of holding a child while working were perfected on our three. Couple that with Kirk and the kid's mom and I've had some short breaks, I've been sneaking away for periods of time to rototill the garden - four hours done and four more to go. Enough accomplished that if the ground dries out a bit after ANOTHER rain storm last night, I'll try planting a few things tomorrow, flu bug willing that is. Wonderfully laid plans of planting three weeks ago have gone terribly astray. Wish I could bottle up frustration, I have a huge supply for sell but then who wants it? Now an antidote - that I could sell. But who knows maybe it will be for the best. Sometimes things turn out that way. The moisture we really can't complain heartily about for soon enough the heavens will shut down and the country will dry up turning a pale yellow once more. We don't get very much rain around here.
The plants are out growing the basement and it looks like a rain forest down there. The long stretch in the basement has taught me that for sure the full spectrum light increases the growth rate on the plants over the less expensive florescent grow light. Also the flick your finger at the tomato blossoms to pollinate them if done at the right time sends up a cloud of yellow pollen resulting in lots of tomatoes forming.

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday, a double batch. The kind where you make the dough up letting it rise twice and then freeze them. It's great because you then just pop them in the hot oven from the freezer. I made a batch of sourdough English muffins also. Didn't look too pretty but then working at a frantic pace can do that. The chocolate cake recipe I tried yesterday was a flop. Still looking for a good one from scratch. Kirk made chicken cor don bleu. Can you call it that when all he did is grill the chicken on the barbecue grill and slap a slice of ham on top with some Swiss Cheese?
The house on the other hand looks pretty dirty. Picked up but the bathrooms haven't been cleaned for a week and just today I dusted the living room. Being this dirty really bugs me but it was a choice of outside work or inside this week. You know what won.
When I need a break I kneel down a foot and a half in front of the beehives and watch them work, bring in pollen, have an occasional tiff, and simply rush about. No, I'm not veiled up just sitting facinated-- my bare arms and face exposed. Unless you poise a threat to their home, most bees are quite amicable. Did you know that bees only pollinate one type of flower on each flight? I saw one bee with bright orange pollen attached to its legs but all the others had pale yellow. The apple trees are in full bloom right now and not much else so I'd guess that is the source of the light pollen. Hope you liked the few photos I found already on the computer. They may be the last for a little while. GRRR>>>

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