Thursday, June 10, 2010

Early Morning Delight

Yup, after dropping hubby off, I went to the pond once more.

I mean, who could resist except a city slicker who just wants to crawl back into bed but then look what all they'd be missing.
I had to laugh when Wednesday evening after I showed the kids the photos on the computer and they were so enthused, I took them to the pond. Our middle grand daughter's reaction at seeing the geese in person was, "There real, there really real!" The youngest grand daughter wanted a closer look and toddled after them but she was too small to pose any real threat and they just calmly stayed out of reach.
But there is something about early morning that's special. The world is quieter and there is a still calm about the world that reaches down inside to quiet your troubles.The pond shimmers as the light dances across the ripples and the blue light is soothing.
Then as the sun's warm rays turn the blue lights to a encircling yellow, the grass turns to a lush bright green.
The green contrasts with the antelope's white and brown hair making it stand out. Note the winter hair shedding off this doe's back. How could I resist the early morning stroll with such a view?
How do I know this is a doe? The black cheek patch is the give away for if the antelope are yearlings like these two I photographed at the corrals the day before, then the horns aren't going to help you any. Both male and female antelope have horns and in the spring they are about the same size. The doe's will remain stubbins and the males will grow to greater heights each year, then shed them in the winter. The difference between pronghorn horns and deer horns besides size and shape is the pronghorn is made of hair and the deer bone.

If that isn't enough to attract me then there is always my fascination with Canadian geese. Note this ones feet paddling under the water. If I'm not gazing at the animals, then the birds are capturing my attention. I think Red-winged Blackbirds always look so cool perched on cattails. Last but certainly not least are the fish that rise up often leaping out of the water to feed in the early morning. You guessed it, if the wind isn't blowing tomorrow, I'm taking my fly pole and heading to the pond in the early morning. Hopefully some fish and I are going to see eye to eye after I've photographed a while of course.

Then I mosey on down to the corrals after an hour or so and since I've got my cameras, I snap some pictures there also just like I've been doing. This rooster is the neighbor's.And they've got these adorable silky chicks. Probably aren't worth a hoot at laying eggs but I admit, I'm tempted to get some since they are adorable fluffy balls.Look at those four puffy butts. Mine's definitely puffy but it never looks this cute. This same neighbor has sheep. Watching them makes me miss ours. Haven't had them since the kids quit 4-H and FFA.
Then as I was going around the corner to feed hay, I happened upon Sue, our three legged tom, (Yup there's a story there that I'm working on getting written up) and his son peeking out from under the doors on the hay shed.
This litter is a funny combination. There's this tabby colored kitten, a gray one, two black and white kittens, and a Siamese. There mom really gets around.

I want you to know that even though I've shown you lots of photos lately, you haven't seen the half of them for I probably have been shooting a couple hundred a day at least. Yes, some of them are flower pictures and I'll probably show you a few of those tomorrow as I'll be busy getting ready for a trip with hubby and the kids to go spend a couple days in the hot pools. Aah! won't that feel good. but first I'm getting up early to go to the pond. That is if this rainy weather that has set in allows it.

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