Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks a whole heaping lot Dad!

Thanks alot Dad! You know this is all your fault. Don't pretend to not know what I'm talking about. You know very well what the problem is.
When I went to do my hair for church today I thought instead of curling my hair under, I'd try the doo the gal had in the picture I took to the hair dresser for her to mimick the cut.
It was flipped out so carefree and cute and I wanted that image. Never mind what the heair dresser said, "My, don't you have straight hair!", as she was staring at something not even in the ball park of the picture.

But that was her, this was me, the lady who'd lived with this mop on top for 50 years and who'd had a rollercoaster ride all week with my elecetrolytes. If anyone could get it to do it, I could. And oh, how I mentally needed that look today. So I took a deep breath and told myself, "Act the part until you feel the part." First thing was to get into costume, T-shirt, casual pink feminine sweater, and a denim skirt. Second, the hair.
So I showered and put this gobbly goop in. I've never put any hair product in my hair as its rather sensitive to such things but I put er in and fired up the hair dryier and curling iron. We were pulling out all the stops today. Voila!! Not too bad on this 50 year old. Looks pretty carefree to me.Then----- thirty minutes later it looked like this. Didn't that hair gel say strong? Now I'm not wise in the ways of hair products but come on. So this is how I had to go to church. The clock was ticking and there was no time to redo since I'm the chorister for church and the meeting starts with me leading a hymn. Well I wanted a carefree look I guess just not one that said I'd slept on my hair wrong and just got out of bed.

So Dad (you knew I was coming to him) thanks a whole heaping lot. You've had a butch hair cut almost all of your 79 years and it looks nice but what am I suppose to do with this thing you gave me on top? When you were handing out genes did you have to give that one to me? Mom had a lovely one to give me, body with a lovely tendency to curl lightly. It would have made my life a dream. Okay, maybe that was a little thick but easier at least. I wonder if you ever questioned who gave you your straight straight hair?

Now staring at these pictures I wondering who gave me that lopsided grin. No really, go back and look at my pictures. The right side of my mouth tips down and the other side goes straight. I just noticed it today. You see I spend very little time looking at myself in the mirror and I'm the one always behind the camera, so there's not many pictures of me.

I could see if I was grouchy why my mouth tipped down but little kids in the grocery store frequently giggle and laugh at me from their carts and mother's arms. Some even throw their cute chubby arms in the air and fling themselves at me - the total stranger. So how come my mouth turns down on one side? Feeling a bit nervous after all the health issues I've had I began to wonder. Since our oldest daughter once had Bell Palsy was I getting too. I grinned, lifted my eyebrows and contorted my face in the mirror. Nope no paralysis starting in, both sides respond equally except for the droop mouth thing. Hm... who gave me that little quirk I wonder?

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