Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honk! Honk!

The sound of honking is much more pleasant when it's done by a Canadian goose rather than by a car. And around here the photographing isn't good very often and so when the going is good, you had better get going. That's partly why I've been spending a fair amount of time with the camera in front of my face. The country will soon enough turn parched yellow and photographing will move from the countryside to the garden. If I ever get it planted. Yes, I'm taking a quick break before heading out to plant onions, beets, etc. The munchkins are soon to arrive and then nothing gets done. So while I have a brief moment, I'll show you a few of the pictures I took at six this morning just after I dropped my husband off to get on the bus to go to work.
The Canadian geese are in the town's pond, man made of course since there is very, very few natural water areas.From photographing today, I can see I need to read the manual and get some things down better.
Still, the photos are pretty good and I wish you could see a larger picture because you'll have to look closely behind the goose to see the fish leaping out of the water.
I must of taken a hundred photos at least and loved every minute studying the behaviors of the birds. I could have easily become a biologist.
There's something about zooming in and focusing that allows you to observe in an intimate way. I think it is the blocking out of distractions and you see and notice things that you've never discovered before.Tomorrow, I'm going to do it all over again if the weather permits and then I'm going for a walk around the pond. Today, I photographed antelope, some silky chicks of the neighbors, and tried unsuccessfully to capture some kitten on film so to speak though cameras don't have film anymore. To capture the wilder kittens, I'll need to do a little arranging to make that one happen. The yearling antelope and silky photos I'll show you later but for now hi ho, hi ho, it's off to planting I go.

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