Friday, June 11, 2010

Loaded Down and Ready For Fun

I was loaded down today as I strolled around the pond.

Slung around my neck were two cameras, the Nikon for close ups until the macro lens I've been saving for arrives for my Cannon and my beloved Cannon with a 75 to 300 telephoto lens. In my left hand I carried my fly fishing pole as at first there were only two Canadian geese by the pond and I didn't want to miss the moment when the fish started jumping out of the water. Not that the pond is very big and the pickup very far away but I live by the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared." Today, the threatening clouds hung low and a heavy dew was in the air but, I did cast my line a while catching one fish and had a number of bites. Alas, the fish just weren't jumping like they had been the two previous days. You know, those days where I didn't have my fishing licence. So both camers got a workout. The flowers I photographed as I searched through the tall grass away from the pond for a pair of resident Mallard ducks. They are elusive little beggars making them a real challenge to photograph. Nothing good yet has become of my efforts.
But I'm not done yet trying.

A lone rabbit was trying to fill its belly and I thought it quite skinny for all the lush green grass. But the main attraction as usual were the Canadian geese. This time they were over by the cat-tails making for a lovely back drop.You think I'll ever tire of photographing them? I did stop to watch the ants try and move this big beetle. For their size I don't think anything can match their strength. They are amazing.Okay, it doesn't take much to entertain me as even the growth on the pine trees had me enthralled.
But the most entertaining event was the male red-wing blackbird that kept dive bombing the Canadian geese. I don't mean just swooping down and threatening, I mean landing on the geese pecking aand pulling feathers. One goose in particuliar encountered its rath repeatedly. Awe, I do love my early mornings. It's the late nights that are beating me up.

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