Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life In the Fast Lane

Didn't mean to have a wordless Wednesday but... life didn't turn out as planned. My husband came home sighing the other night. He had seen on his way home the neighbors sitting relaxing on lawn chairs in their front lawn - all alone. Sometimes you miss the empty nest. Anyway, what happened was I had been pondering what to write as I moved things to our daughter's apartment and cleaned house. All while wishing I was working in the garden instead and I received a phone call from that same daughter who had gone shopping for basics like a broom, shower curtain etc. She'd wrecked her car.

In response I told her I'd finish vacuuming the two rooms and be on my way. Sound callous? Well, it was just that I needed a few moments for this new bombshell to settle before I started driving 40 miles on one of the most accident proned highways in Wyoming.

When you think life is tough, it can get a lot tougher. I'm just glad we are not given any more than we can bare and that the Lord has big shoulders because I need one to cry on. Oh, I realize things could be far worse but sometimes you just grow weary.

My dad, bless him, had shown up to lend a helping hand. The radiator in her car was smashed and leaking profusely but we Jeary rigged the situation so that we could limp it home to my father's house. It went like this. Dad and I played pit crew pouring antifreeze/water mixture into the radiator and then shutting the hood while our daughter in the drivers seat fired up the engine and sped off. We followed behind signaling her to pull over when we figured the radiator had lost all the fluid. She could monitor it also by the engine temperature dial which would rise. We gauged it by the lack of fluid on the black top road. Repeating this process three times, we made it to Dad's small acreage just outside of the town she was in.

With the loss of four hours that puts some of yesterdays tasks on to today. Not that others things didn't push yesterdays task back. It just seems the faster I go the more behinder I get. Today's task is to finish cleaning up my house before the kids come tonight to stay and help haul a mattress and dresser to the apartment plus a host of other odds and ends like set up beds for the kids. The ex threw in the bolts to them in who knows what box when he packed up hers and the kid's stuff. A rule you learn the hard way is to always tape the parts to the piece it belongs to. Had to learn that one again this year as I was looking for the custom bolts that put our old oak bunk beds together. How quickly we forget.
On an exciting note, not that the wreck wasn't but I have good computer news. I called a computer place 40 miles away which told me they wanted my computer for a week and it would cost 60 to 125 dollars to fix it. No, that's not the good news but then that irritated me enough that I called my computer friend in Spearfish that I really didn't want to travel all that way to and he said to go to Radio Shack and buy a USB hub. It is the greatest little gadget. It's like a power strip for USB ports. One USB plug in becomes four, yeah!!! The best news is it costs only 21 dollars and I can put off having the computer fixed. John can do that the next time he upgrades ours. Luckily, my daughter had already picked it up before the big crash. Have to laugh at my dad as he said to the effect that she's fine and that's all that really matters. Very true but what made me giggle inside was that no one has learned that lesson better than the man who is married to a women nicknamed appropriately - Crash.

Now the bad news.
My new Cannon does not have a cord plug in and the little do hicky that the card fits into and then slips into the USB hook up doesn't work. Toni is sending me a cord for the camera, it should be here today or tomorrow, and the little doo hicky I'll find somewhere and pick up two so I'll have a spare.

Alas, the Cannon isn't working but the old Nikon is. That is how I was able to bring to you the apple blossom pictures. Cameras pretty frustrating and limited without changeable lens but it does do a really nice close up when you can get it to focus on the spot you want. Just don't be in a hurry like when photographing bugs on flowers, it takes its own little sweet time about it. But hey, though I can't photograph much of what I want, it is still pictures and this girl has been going through withdrawals not being able to use fresh pictures on this blog.

My mind as you now is always curious so I'm wondering, are apple blossoms edible? They look so delicious.

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