Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Ready Shoot!

Yup, that time is a comin and you'd better get your camera out. Because if they haven't already, the fireworks are going to be lighting up the sky. This one has to be one of my favorites even though it is mainly just the smoke from the fireworks.
These colorful shots of light were taken at our town's recent 25 anniversity. Yup, wer're only 25 years old. Not that the houses haven't been here longer but before becoming a town it was a spot in the road owned by a coal mine. We received $5000 from the mine my husband worked at to put down on a house if we'd live here. Dont know how many years the coal mine ran the town but eventually they gave up ownership and the residents began ruling themselves. That is what was celebrated was the 25 years of the residents having their own government. We have lived in this home for just short of 30 years so we've seen this town grow from a few houses and a large trailer court to mainly houses. It still isn't very big, just 1200 people but that's kind of big for me. And nope, we're not prone to wonder.But since you missed the opportunity to photograph our light display, get ready to take shots of the fireworks that will fill the sky on the 4th of July. That is unless you aren't in the USA and then I'd love to hear when or if you have fireworks for a holiday.
So those in the USA grab your camera, even if it is a snappy. Set it to the little guy running and if possible put it on the mutliple window pane looking setting where when you hold down the button the camera just keeps taking pictures. Know what I'm talking about?
Snap away and see what happens.
You might just get a beautiful blossoming bush.
Or a galactic looking shot.
Then again ribbons may streak through the sky.
Or it might just look like fireworks. Though these were taken with my more expensive camera, I didn't set it to anything special. I just wanted to enjoy the view and not have to think too hard about what I was doing. This was my first time of pointing a camera at the sky when fireworks lit the darkness. Give it try. I'd love for you to e-mail me the results at It reminds of of fingerpainting as a child but without all the mess.

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