Monday, June 21, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

From Thanks Rina for the award, I'm very honored and so glad you come to visit with me. The greatest reward is knowing that your efforts are appreciated and I thank you for telling me that you have appreciated mine. I especially enjoyed learning more about you and thought oh no, it's my turn to tell seven things about me. What haven't I reveled?

Here goes!

Number one - I dislike clothes shopping but I love to shop for groceries. If that doesn't say a lot about me I don't know what does. Now don't confuse that I love to grocery shop with going down every isle because I skip 3/4 ths of them . Of course not the chocolate isle as that's where I score big points with my hubby. Where I get stuck is in the fresh food isle and the cooler with cheese. Wouldn't I love a good farmer's market. Alas, not much grows but grass in this country.

Number two - I got married when I was 19 to my college sweetheart and had three kids in three and a half years. Yes, I know what causes it but in our family we call ourselves the fertile myrtles. I swear half the tribe has gotten pregnant on birth control pills. Okay, maybe not quite that bad but you get the idea.

Number three - I grew up in a rodeoing family. My dad started calf roping when he was 21 and competed until he was in his late 60's. My brother and his boys still rope but the only one of us girls that rodeoed was me. I quit when I left high school and stopped tying goats and started milking them.

Number four - Man this is hard. How about this? I couldn't tell you one make of car from another unless it was a pickup and then I can tell you if it's a Dodge, a Ford, or a Chevy and that's it. Well, not quite. I can tell if it is 4-wheel drive or not but then there isn't hardly a pickup in this state that isn't 4-wheel drive. My main criteria in a vehicle is that they run when I need them too and the pickup has a full bed not a half bed which is worthless when you've got work like I have to do.

We once owned a 1949 Ford 1 ton pickup called Ole Reliable, (loved that truck, I've got to tell you stories about it sometime.), which you had to double clutch, a Ford stick shift pickup we called The Gutless Wonder because we wondered why we didn't sell it and get something else except it was paid for, and an automatic transmission car. You guessed it, sometimes the car's brake was used as a clutch by mistake, and the Ford was double clutched now and then for good measure.

Number five - I love to try new things but nothing comes easy for me and I need to quit trying so hard and relax for then things come more naturally. I'll have to tell you about learning to fly fish. What a patient son I have. Yes, I write stories too. Once again not an easy thing for me as I'm still trying to put my adjectives ahead of my nouns, and I jumble up where I put my phrases.

Number six - You probably already know this but I have way more plans than I have energy. It comes from an insatiable appetite to learn. Sometimes like this year, I have to put on the brakes and reevaluate what's really important to me. We are working to streamline our lives a bit.

Number seven - I have a sweater fetish. I love sweaters and wool socks. If I had the money, and loved to shop, my drawers would be filled with them. But instead I order most of my clothes through the Cabela's women's catalogue. No, I don't own anything in camouflage but my husband does.

Lest you think I have forgotten, I haven't. So those of you who have asked what camera I use etc. I will tell you in the next blog along with giving a photo lesson or two. I also need to show you the pictures I took of the fireworks on Saturday to celebrate our town turning 25 years old.

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