Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes, I've been busy today. I delivered Chicory's triplets. She refused to labor unless I was sharing every moment with her in the shed. A complication meant most of my day was gone but I've all the details in photographs.
Then just as I was settling her and the little ones in, our daughter called and said there was a black cloud of bees and to come quick. Yup, there was a BIG swarm. There were more in clusters on the ground just beyond the photograph and somewhere in the middle of this mass of bees hanging off of bees is a queen. So I suited up and began to capture them.

Then before this task was done it was grandma duty as our daughter left for work. The kids remained in the house watching a movie as I rushed as fast as I could go before they came out to check on me. Only got stung once today but I was stung once yesterday.

So pardon me if I cuddle, and bathe three grouchy children, do livestock chores, and dunk the kids in the tub before stories and bed. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the details but you'll just have to be patient. I'll will tell you that Chicory had two beautiful doelings and a buck. One doe for Michelle who owned the buck and one for me and a buck we'll have to find a home for.

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