Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yeah! I'm Milking Again

You probably thought I'd gotten rid of the goats. But the truth of the matter is, I've been distancing myself from them as we are going to have to put down the two old girls. We have a lot of history together and I needed to remove the emotions from the equation as much as possible by distancing myself. They never did take and I'm beginning to suspect they've contracted CAE. I've put them in a different pen from Chicory as crotchety doesn't begin to describe their behavior and they just aren't worth dealing with. You can't even lead them anymore without your arm being tore off or their shoving you around. Their nice sweet manners went out the gate the past few months. That isn't at all like my girls and besides the cranky attitude, they lay down all the time so it has to be goodbye.
With the so long comes in a new era for us. We now have two Nubians, yes, Nubians. I never thought I'd ever get rid of my Saanens but lots of things have had to change lately. Nubian buck service is much easier to come by and it just works out better for us at this time to have floppy eared girls. So with that introduction, let me introduce you to our latest addition, Zozi. Now there is no way I'm going to be able to keep her name. It just won't roll off my tongue so I want to first apologize to Michelle but I'm thinking of modifying it to Zoey.
She was the sweetest thing this morning on the milk stand. She stood still and not a bit of a fuss milking her, pretty good for a yearling. Then I trimmed her hooves a little. They'll need a better job here soon but I didn't want to make her too nervous being that she has been shifted to a new home.
Pretty little thing isn't she? She was bawling a bit for home as Chicory wasn't exactly laying out the welcome mat for her but nothing bad, just dirty looks.

But then this is what Moana is looking like now days.

Alright, her real name is Chicory but I've started calling her Moana because she moans all the time. Poor girl, she is either carrying a big set of twins or triplets.

Tomorrow is 145 days but her tail head hasn't started to loosen much so it could still be a while. Our original plan was for the Saanens to kid first and Chicory late so we'd have a steady supply of milk through out the year. Unfortunately since the Saanens have always been easy to settle into pregnancy I dried them up in anticipation. That has left us a long time without my precious milk. You see my doctor says my option is either several horse sized pills a day for minerals or fresh goats milk. Aa... gee, after swollowing those powdery things for a while now it's a no-brainer especially seeing that my bone density is excellent in an osteoporosis family. So in a couple weeks I'll quit taking the pills and just drink, drink, drink. Aa... won't that be nice.
I guess we'll have to get Zoey and Chicory on different freshening schedules so I won't be without milk next year. Oh I just don't know how to tell you how excited I am to have REAL milk again, yum! My mind is at work thinking of all the things I can make now.
I've avoided anything creamy as store milk makes them taste so ho hum bland. You know Alfredo, oyster soup, Pollo Con Creme etc.Earlier this morning as the fog was burning off, I was photographing Pedro here

and Bess, I thought how our color scheme had changed at the corrals. Funny where my brain will go. Now everything is black or a deep chocolate brown. Don't ask me why that comes to mind but I like things to coordinate. I don't plan it that way. It just happens. Now that I have hopes of a slightly, and I mean slightly quieter life, this mare and I are going to go for a ride. Right now it is pretty muddy but maybe by tomorrow evening if the rain showers predicted don't move in, then we will go for a nice stroll. That will be a little bit of heaven.

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