Friday, August 13, 2010


It's that time again for Brenda's photo challenge.

Wish this time of year left room to be more creative as the theme was dirt and my mind whirled with dirty scoundrel, dirt poor, dirty job, dirty face, and just plain dirt. But my body was too busy canning, processing roosters into jars, and the whirl of activity involved with keeping up with a five, four, and nineteen month old. So I searched through my photo archives and decided on a couple pictures you've seen and one you haven't.

Dirt Poor
I'll admit it. I took a picture of a picture but it is one I just had to share. This photo is our favorite of the old family pictures hanging in our livingroom. It was taken during the Depression on a ranch in Montana where Kirk's dad and family lived DIRT POOR. Gene talks about going out in the crisp cold mornings to get the milk cows and stepping in a fresh cow pie to warm his feet. Shoes were for school only. Doesn't he and his older brother look like shrunken little old men. They probably had many responsibilities at an early age, unlike the children of today. I believe they were better for it.
Dirty Face
Then of course there is one of my favorite photos of our youngest grand daughter eating an Oreo cookie.

Plain old Dirt
And last is red dirt. I've always loved country where the dirt is red as it lends such a warm inviting appeal. This photo was taken back in the middle of nowhere, one of my favorite places of all times. If you can't see a house for miles and a busy traffic day is one where you hear a lone Jet fly over head, then your in my favorite place-the middle of nowwhere. Of course I've never been in the middle of nowhere in a desert and that just might narrow my definition of middle of know wheres that I love.

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