Monday, August 30, 2010

Frozen Corn Recipes

Have you noticed that my tomorrow means a general tomorrow. You know, sometime in the future, not the next day. Life, - it is so full right now, like it is for everyone who lives the lives we do. School begins tomorrow and while we prepare for it, (I made dozens of cookies for the month of September for my husbands lunches and our grand daughters yesterday, not to mention all the shopping for supplies) the canning needs done at the same time and it never seems to end, though I'm not doing very much of it in comparison to the usual August. The Lord hasn't given me as bounteous a crop this year and I thank him for that. He definitely knows what's best for us. I'm finding out I've just not much time for the garden and it isn't getting watered like it should and weeding, what's that? Good thing I heeded the prompting from Him to garden big last year and to can, can, can. With what we already have and what we are getting, plus a little stocking up from the store during the fall food sales, this winter we'll be fine.
I'm just not enjoying - maybe that's not the word- let's see, appreciating canning like I usual do. I find myself wishing I had pumpkins and squash to watch change in color. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed them grow and change and the big blossoms. Sometimes it is the lack of things that causes us to really appreciate them. Then when the cooler weather slid in today, I found myself longing for shorter days where I do lots of cooking, quilt, sew, and knit. It's probably enhanced from the to do list I started of all the work that needs done before the snow flies. It's very, very, long.

And though I've worked and worked I never seem to finish a task. Take for example last week. I worked a little at a time early in the mornings painting the sheds at the corrals. A task best done without three little ones helping. But that task isn't done since I've yet to build the new small chicken coop and it will need painted also. I thought I was done butchering chickens but three more have started to crow. So that task is obviously not done. Okay, yes, I can tell a rooster from a hen but I admit I haven't been paying the attention to them that I usually do.
And though I've worked on the fences, Bess has bend some more over and I'm done with the makeshift gates we have. I had a card with some money on it given to me and I purchased two new gates because I decided this year would be the year that irritation was fixed. The rest of the money goes on a mattress for our youngest grand daughter. So now I have a hole to dig to hang them both on as they will swing in opposite directions opening two pens. Not an easy task in solid clay soil. It takes a pretty big tractor with a post hole digger on it to dig holes in this country. I've no tractor so I'll dig just like the painting was done, a little at a time. The other two gates need dismantled and rebuilt. And... And... And...well, you know what I'm talking about. So today, I'm finally getting to you the corn recipes I promised and I'd best hurry because as I moved the hose in the water starved garden, I see I've more beets to can. I'd better get off this computer and go pull them from the ground while the kids are enthralled with Cinderella. Though I don't believe in much time spent watching movies and tv, sometimes it is a pretty good babysitter.
Aunt Larae's Frozen Corn

4 quarts of corn cut off the cob

1 quart of hot water

3 teaspoons of salt

Bring to boil and boil 10 minutes then pour onto cookie sheets to cool. bag liquid with the corn and freeze in appropriate zip lock bags or jars.

Georgia's Cream Corn

14 cups corn

1 1/2 cups water

3 teaspoons salt

1/2 cup sugar

Cook 15 minutes and while it is hot add 1 cup evaporated milk, 1/2 cup butter, then mix and cool all night in refrigerator.

For 5 dozen ears it takes three batches.

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