Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spinning Llama

This is the bobbin of grey llama. For some reason I do prefer the spelling of grey with an e rather than gray with an a. Just like I like the spelling of colour rather than color. I even say the words a bit different according to their spelling. Funny, maybe but words have always fascinated me.
But I'm suppose to be talking about llama wool. I've finished the rovings I bought in Colorado when we had our parent and daughter weekend. This is the last of the two single plys hooked on the Lazy Kate and being plied off.
With not enough grey or dark brown to make two balls, I plied them together.
Now I've got to get out my sock books and decide what pattern I'm going to use. Something simple I can do while I set at the show table with Kirk. We'll be leaving for Texas soon and I need a hand project for the trip. This should do nicely. I wouldn't of gotten it done but for my bi-annual attack of Fibromyalgia. With diseases that can't be cured and must be therefore endured, I try to have some busy projects that I can do that still make me feel productive while I'm down. You see depression lurks just below the surface and I do all I can to keep it from raising its ugly head. Depression is something that naturally goes with many of my ailments. Of course it doesn't need that excuse to appear as many of you know.

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