Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MIssion Concepion

We definitely knew we weren't in Wyoming when this critter, an opossum, showed up in the motel's garbage can. The maids said they bite and are really a rather nasty animal. They were out there with sheets, and brooms trying to capture it. I wasn't too convinced of the viciousness of the little rat looking critter especially when one of the guys reached over and stroked its back while its head was turned and it did nothing. We haven't got any wildlife that are that tame. In fact, some of our barn cats area whole lot wilder and vicious than that opposum. So when it headed off in my direction and waddled by my foot, I just held still and watched, enjoying the close up view.
And as promised, I'll show you the last of a selection of pictures from our trip. I'm guessing this is the cord you pull for the bell.
When they cleaned years of dirt off the walls, they discovered these murals.

This is the chapel.
It was wow to say the least.

And now I'm going to do livestock chores and lay down. Last night I ran a 104F fever while making six pounds of deposits into the city's waste system. You can guess how good I feel today. This sweet (not) gift was courtesy of the grand kids.

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