Thursday, August 5, 2010

Juicing Currants

Finally got around to picking the red currants.
Okay, not all of them. I left plenty for the birds to eat. Notice the yellowing of the leaves. Lots of plants are looking this way this summer and not just in my yard The yellowing didn't effect the size of the berries as they were very plump this year.
I figured this container was plenty. Our oldest grand daughter helped for a while and commented, " Grandma, we are kind of old maid farmers, aren't we? You know picking berries, growing a garden, and milking the goats." I smiled stifling a giggle and said, " Kind of, uh huh? in a yes tone. The part I was giggling inside about was the old maid part. I wonder if she even knows what that means?
After putting the munchkins to bed last night, I rinsed the berries and removed the leaves and put them inside the juicer in preparation of turning on the stove this morning.
Voila!, isn't it pretty. I have a little over three quarts and I'm giving it away. Currant jelly is great but I still have a fair amount in the basement and my neighbor has been wanting some. She has some summer squash she wants to part with and I know just where it would be really appreciated. I've been beating myself over the head about not getting any zucchini planted and though I like zucchini better than summer squash, it will definitely do.

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