Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo Shoot

I'm back. Did you miss me? Probably not but I missed you and I've loads to tell and show you. I was in the bees again today, and my goats have milk goiter and and ... but right now I'll show you what we did this weekend. We went to Colorado so our middle grand daughter could participate in a photo shoot for Crochet magazine by Interweave Press. They were gracious and when they saw the other two kids, they found things for them to model also.

But before I tell you about that, I've got to show off the cutest butt this side of the East coast. Oh some of you may disagree having cute little hind ends of grandchildren or children of your own but then you'll know just how partial I am to this one.
This is what we did after the photo shoot so the kids could release some of the energy they'd been stifling trying hard to be good during the photo shoot.

I had little opportunity to photograph the older girls as they were on the run and I could hardly get into position to shoot before they were off again. This is one of those rare moments.
The weekend was in part thanks to our oldest daughter who arranged for the middle grand daughter to participate in a photo shoot for Interweave Crochet magazine, where she is the assistant editor.
This middle child is all girl. She loves to take the clothes out of her drawer and her sister's drawers, and place them on the bed combining tops and bottoms into matching outfits. Did an image flash into your mind. Yup, you got it. Her room is often wall to wall clothes as she throws those shes matched off on to the floor in a rush to match up another outfit. Since she could use a little self-esteem boost, I thought this would be just the ticket. Besides she loves to be in front of the camera and is photogenic. So when her hair was fussed with and a touch of lip gloss and blush applied, she was in her element.
And if the pictures look a little cropped and funny, it's because you aren't allowed a sneak preview of the garments in the upcoming magazine. But let me tell you that there is this scarf that our middle grand daughter models that is a must make. It is whimsical and absolutely adorable.And then you'll have to keep your crochet hook out because the hat she models next is absolutely adorable. I know, I know you want to see for yourself but you'll just have to wait. Toni said we'd see a copy in October but I'm not sure when it hits the shelves. You can count on a heads up when the time is close so you can buy a copy.

Then as we were visiting and our middle grand daughter was being fluffed, as they called it, for her upcoming shots, they decided to use the other two grand daughters also.

The whole experience was fascinating watching the photographer in action, the stylist working with the kids, and just to experience the behind scenes of what goes into producing a magazine is an educational experience.

After seeing how amazing the shots came out, I decided that I was an amateur photographer for sure. That's okay, because though my photographs aren't anywhere near the caliber of his, I love to photograph and I've learned in life that there are always loads of people better at doing what I do. I'm glad, because sometimes I get an opportunity to enjoy and benefit from their talents.
My daughter made jokes about how handicapped I was in Photoshop. Yeah, that is definitely a thing I need to learn. Which is what I learned this color card is for - photo shop. Right before every new outfit, the model holds this card so when they go into Photoshop to tweak the pictures, they have a true reading of what the colors should be.
Note the computer to the right. As each shot is taken, it appears on the computer and the editor tells when the photos she needs have been all taken. Then usually five or better clicks later the photographer is satisfied and quits.
Also note the strobe light and there are reflecting screens also to the side you can't see to control the lighting. But what I was drooling over was the camera. Makes mine look pretty wimpy and the rich colors his produces is amazing.
If you get an opportunity to experience a photo shoot, take it. It's not about exotic motels and beach scenes unless it is Vogue or some high faluton magazine with a great big budget. Most magazines have pretty slim pockets and don't be surprised if the photos are taken at someones house that works at the magazine or in the photographer's backyard like they were here. Many of the models are not professionals as that trims the costs of the shoot. There is so much to learn in life and my knowledge grew from this experience. Since the girls were asked back to the next shoot, the beginning of December, I'll hopefully get an opportunity to do it again.

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