Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Kindergarden

It was our oldest's first day of kinder garden and she has been so nervous I wasn't sure we were going to get her there. Her mom promised to sit outside the classroom until our grand daughter gave her the high five sign signalling that all was well and she could go home. First though after the waffle breakfast with scrambled eggs she went and hid in her top bunk and cried.

Who could blame the little tyke as our oldest daughter, her aunt, commented that change hasn't always been the most pleasant thing the last four months.
I wasn't sure who was more upset, our daughter or her daughter? Our daughter never went more than one semester to public school and that was kinder garden. She didn't know what they were going to do to her poor little baby and she was in a state of near panic despite the fact she had known her daughter's teacher for years. Since our daughter is at work, I'm not sure if she's gotten over the days events but when I picked up our grand daughter from school she was all smiles and declared it a wonderful day.
Of course beyond the breakfast, I included home-made cookies in her lunch to remind her that Grandma was thinking of her.
And the cookies spurred a big smile from our youngest as her sister never got around to eating her cookies for lunch and shared them with her sisters for part of an after school snack.

As I tucked the kids into bed tonight our oldest grand daughter said. "Grandma be sure and put your name in my backpack. Mom has hers in there and I want yours also so I can call you if I need you." I guess the day didn't quite quell all her fears.

Thank you to those that comment about my Sunday Spiritual Thoughts, I was wondering how they were being received. I'm sorry I haven't spoken to each of you but I hope you understand that life has been a whirlwind and I am hanging on by my fingertips. I know each of you can say, "Been there done that." and so know that I love hearing from you and please don't stop. I'll catch up a bit one of these day.

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