Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dragon's Tongue

No rest for the weary or the sick for the garden won't wait for me to recover so I'm working and laying down and working and laying down.
Last night, I canned 16 pints of beans.

And today, I picked a few more beans for the grand kids and our daughter and we had a taste test. The dragon's tongue beans (the yellow bean with purple streaks) were a huge success. They were sweeter than the green beans and the kids munched merrily on them and took a bag home. Everyone agrees that they have won a spot in our garden next year. Now I'm going to let them go to seed (hopefully there is time left) and we will try them dry like in navy beans. Another test will be seeing how well they do when the weather turns cold. They did originate from Holland so I've high hopes.

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