Saturday, August 28, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenge.

Sorry, this post is getting up a bit late but it is getting up and that's pretty good considering how well the household is feeling right now. Plus, I had to make a dash to the next town over which is a eighty mile trip and paint sheds this morning.
The topic for this photo challenge is expressing a feeling. I threatened to take photos of the flu's casualties but that just got me a real dirty look so I thought maybe I'd better rethink that idea and take a look through my archives for something appropriate.
In this photo I just wish our grand daughter's hair wasn't in the way of the expression on her face as she's looking at her hands. I may be cheating a bit today as I'm using a couple photos from my daughter. Which includes this one but I am doing the best I can considering this flu isn't letting go very fast and I still feel pretty lousy.
This is also one of hers and one of my favorites.

Now that is pride at catching a fish and yes, this ones mine.

I'll get back later with that recipe I promised but for now I'd best go lay down for a little while. Hope your Saturday is filled with sunshine in and out.
Maybe some of you lucky ones are out fishing and will have to view this at a later date.

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